About Rosim AS

Rosim AS is one of the leading suppliers of Water Utility GIS applications based on ESRI's technology in Norway.

We develop and sell software solutions for water and environment, both off the shelf products and customized solutions. Software and customer solutions that are developed based on modern technology and open international standards. Our main product is Rosie for water and wastewater network modeling. Rosie is the successor to the GM.

We are specialists in field measurements, model structure and development. We can assist with planning, installation and operation of various types of mobile and stationary sensors, including flow meters, rain gauges, level gauges and sensors for detection of overflow operation.

So far we have completed more than 200 installations of mobile water flow meters from Alta to Kristiansand. We have installed monitoring equipment in major culverts and wires with dimensions down to 200 mm.

Rosim customers include leading water utility companies, engineering firms and large cities worldwide. 



Our main product is ROSIE for modelling of water and wastewater. ROSIE (formerly GM) is an ArcGIS based application module for modelling of water, sewers and catchment areas for residential drainage. It was originally designed for ArcView 3.x platform and has been sold to several large cities worldwide since 1997.

The application has been used in cities like Stockholm, Novi Sad, Sofia, Vancouver, Barcelona, San Francisco, CH2MHILL and Hideo Fujinuma.

The latest ArcGIS 9.3 version is no in a prerealease phase and are being tested in several large cities in Norway as well as cities like Xining EPB (Environmental Protection Bureau in China).



WinCan reseller in Norway  WinCan_logo.png

We are the reseller of WinCan software in Norway. WinCan V8's extensive toolkit lets you document critical inspection work rapidly and thoroughly. Installed on an industrial PC or notebook, WinCan V8 travels to remote locations, logging digital video, still images and text data in an extensive, searchable database. Sophisticated reporting tools and a freeware viewer make it easy to share inspection results.


NIVUS reseller in Norway  nivus.png

Rosim utilizes Nivus products and they have been installed in more than 200 projects all over Norway during the last 10 years.

The Nivus product range contains units for measuring flow, level, pressure, water quality, density and turbidity as well as units required for data acquisition, data transfer, data logging and data evaluation. A comprehensive process control system with many special functions for water economy completes the product range.


Consultancy work worldwide

We also has broad experience from many water utility projects worldwide. This include design of combined sewage systems for large municipalities, prestudies done for cities to establish new wastewater treatment plants, development project regarding modeling of waste water and water supply systems, preparing the implementation of modern wastewater treatment facilities for towns and industries canal modelling/simulation and waste water treatment, strategies, modelling and design to mention some.

We have been extensively involved in integrated management of industrial & municipal wastewater in Chinese cities as well as Water supply network and waste water collection system and waste water treatment plant design. Part of the work has included modelling and pre-design of water supply and waste water collection/treatment system. Also demonstration project, clean technology & “end of pipe” solutions and pollution control management in several cities, planning and implementation of Master Plan for wastewater management and task manager for impact assessment of combined wastewater.



WinCan version 8 sale is kicking off and an increasing number of CCTV companies and Cities now uses the program. 


ROSIE is launched during February 2009. The first customers has already started using the SW.


Rosim AS elected as a fast growing company ("Gaselle") in 2008 by a leading business paper in Norway.

Rosim AS er en teknologibedrift som har spesialisert seg på programvare og tjenester innen vann og avløp. Vi tilbyr løsninger for VA-GIS, modellering, måleteknikk og rørinspeksjon. Selskapets hovedprodukter er ROSIE, WinCan og NIVUS. Vi har kontor i Oslo.

Rosim AS
Tlf: 47 92 68 00